Press Release: Up The Crazy

Saturday 4th March at 10pm Crazy AD Lane launches a crowd funding campaign that will see the final funding stage of a project that has taken 10 years to realise. There is a beautiful synergy in completing a film that started its funding journey with you, its backers. Now he is back and he is crazier than ever before. You have it in your power to bring Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead to the screens and this is a film that WILL hurt you. We are live from Invasion HQ on Saturday at 10pm to launch the crowd funder and you can join us. Your support has brought this film to 90% completion now lets bring it home. Crazy AD Lane invites you to take part in the crowd funding event of the decade. Throughout the day we will be streaming live from the Unit as we watch the films that have inspired Crazy AD Lane to keep pushing forward and ensured he never gave up on his dream #UpTheCrazy #IOTNQD

We will be live and interactive on the Invasion Facebook page from 10am and taking questions all day so please don't be shy. This is your opportunity to ask Crazy AD Lane anything you like. 

"A couple of years ago I had a mental breakdown, partly film related, partly personal, but 100% me related. I was broken to the point of just not being strong enough to fight my inner demons & there was a lot of eyes on my film project, over 2000 people had backed the film over a 4 year period of when I was doing my epic no sleep fundraisers on twitter. this was now a film I couldn’t finish & what made it worse, I could NEVER quit it, I had shot over 60% and I couldn’t see any way of completing it, at the level of quality I had been pushing for & that dread & guilt of my absolute obsessiveness made me suffer from high anxiety & panic attacks, this was essentially a 1 man film project, a home made movie on the grandest scale, I felt I had let everyone down connected to the film, my family for supporting, & the truth is, the project became very much a joke online, making it difficult for anyone to show any support publicly, something I loved deeply was now destroying me. I was stubborn and obsessed about making something that was way too ambitious for a stay at home dad & with a new family the project began effecting my home life, a time when I should of been enjoying it, but instead I was stuck in a place of absolute inner hell, and that certainly took it’s toll on my mental health, for months I couldn’t see a way out. Then it hit me, I would attempt to finish the film without asking for any more help, I couldn’t dare ask for help after spending years failing at something, I felt as though I had to prove myself again, finish the film myself financially (some how) being a stay at home dad 3 days a week & working days & nights doing freelance, it meant I had to take out loans/credit cards to attempt to finish shooting & in Dec 2016 we came very close, after 5 months of filming weekends & certain days & nights, (including half we had to RE-SHOOT) we got to about 95% of the film shot, but we fell short. I figured I’d take out loans & get the film as close to finished as possible, then I’d be in a much stronger place to rise above my fear & anxiety of going back out publicly, to say here we are, almost done, please continue your support & help me finish what is now a 10 year passion project, so the reason I’m crowd funding is because i feel as though I have now proven that I am someone who would never quit his dreams, but some how find a way to make them come true, this particular project is very unique in every aspect & I hope people will walk proudly along side me as I cross the finish line, it has now evolved into something much more than just making a movie, it has evolved into a reason for living & I now I'm BACK, I want to make everyone be proud they supported a little indie film called 'INVASION OF THE NOT QUITE DEAD'  Crazy AD Lane

More details will be released on Saturday including a sneak preview of the perks on offer. This will be the last opportunity you will have to support a unique horror film that will redefine a tired and over used genre. Are they zombies? Are they dead? Not Quite!

Twitter @IOTNQDfilm

Client Announcement: A Love That Never Dies

WhiteScreen Promotions is proud to announce the signing of the powerful feature length documentary, A Love Never Dies. Working closely with Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris, this film will be released to a UK cinema audience in May and June.

Over 6000 young people die in Britain every year, leaving anything up to 50,000 newly bereaved parents and other close family members. With grief often treated as an intensely private and personal experience it is easy to feel that you are struggling alone.

Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris have created a moving documentary that challenges perceptions surrounding grief and sudden loss. A Love That Never Dies is a beautifully realised film that engages the audience on an intensely personal level. Using their own experiences of grief as a result of the loss of their son, Jane and Jimmy encounter many different ways of leaning into grief. Whether as part of the carnival atmosphere during the Mexican, Day Of The Dead festival or more intimate settings, the film asks questions about how we approach grief and how love changes.

“We are very excited about the launch of our documentary and the potential it has to reach a wide audience.  Since our son died we have learnt so much -  not just about grief but also about trauma and loss in general – sadly his death has given us new insights into what really makes us tick as human beings.”    
Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris

The Good Grief Project is a charity that provides practical support as well as resources for those who are struggling with the death of a loved one. Through workshops and retreats The Good Grief Project reaches out and gives real time support to those who are desperate for it. By providing a creative outflow for grief many couples around the UK have been helped and supported. A Love That Never Dies is a film that will provide an easy way in to the charity whilst also standing alone as a valuble and personal feature length study of bereavement and love that endures.

WhiteScreen Promotions are excited about the opportunity to deliver a social media campaign that launches A Love That Never Dies to a UK cinema audience. Please have a look at the films trailer and for more information on the charity have a look at their website or Facebook page. You can also get updates from the Charities Twitter account @GoodGriefProj

My Feral Heart- The Heartbeat That Was Heard Around The World

On Sunday night the annual awards, celebrating excellence within the  Independent Film Industry, were held in London. Rubbing shoulders with films such as I, Daniel Blake, American Honey and Under The Shadow was a little film called My Feral Heart. Although no silverware was awarded the monumental achievement of the creatives behind this "little film with a big heart" were felt and rightly recognised. Whether you are marvelling at the startling and powerful performance by the films lead, Steven Brandon, or the equally emotional and astonishing turns by Will Rastall or Shana Swash there is plenty to be impressed with. Feral Girl honours are given to Pixie Le Knot, whose "otherworldly" performance adds the beautiful and spellbinding quality to a film that is both stunning and hard hitting. Duncan Paveling has crafted a screen play of such resonance that chooses to focus on what brings us together rather than what divides and the Direction by award winning Jane Gull just brings the subject matter into sharper focus. The unsung and unnoticed role of Producer is regularly overlooked but you notice a project which suffers from uncommitted or lack lustre production. My Feral Heart falls into no such pitfall as the considerable skills of James Rumsey and his production company, Rum Jam Productions, are clearly showcased. Steven Brandon, a student of the awesome fully inclusive Mushroom Theatre Company, is wonderfully supported by them and the Blossom House community is leant a natural believability because of this already close link. That is the beauty and the power of My Feral Heart, everything feels natural and has such a beautiful pacing about it. This is Luke's story and 2016 was his year! 

With success at so many film festivals it is hard to pick out my highlights but riding at the top of my list would be successful screenings at Edinburgh Film Festival and award winning appearances at Cinequest (where it won the coveted Audience Award) Moscow's Breaking Down Barriers Festival (Best Feature and Best Actor) and Albania's Tirana International Film Festival (Best Panorama Film) Even receiving 3 nominations for the prestigious BIFA awards had #TeamFeral turning out in their finest. The facts speak for themselves with over 60 UK Cinema screenings set to run over 5 months and feedback from audiences who have very much been caught under the films amazing spell. 

The exciting aspect of My Feral Heart has also been in the support that has developed from many independent cinemas as well as the audience empowering might of Our Screen. I have long believed that Independent Films should have easier and more wide ranging access to audiences on the big screens. Audiences are more intelligent that certain elements of our industry give them credit for and films that connect effectively with cinema goers WITHOUT the appeal of a household name or star actor are clearly demonstrating this opinion as fact. Working with the wonderful and talented actors and creatives from My Feral Heart has been an experience that I will never forget and I relish continuing to do so. This is not the end of this amazing film's life span but the beginning and I look forward to the day when a clued up Television Network takes us up on our offer and adds a little Feral flavouring to its schedules. 

Our Screen. Now PR and Cinema are both working for you

WhiteScreen Promotions are excited to announce a partnership with the company that is transforming cinema forever. Since Our Screen exploded into existence, 2 years ago, it has developed relationships with Vue, Picturehouse, Empire as well as many influential and independently run venues. Our Screen have a passion for supporting the best independent films that are released and an innovative concept that empowers the cinema going public to create and host their own screenings. Our Screen are part of a revolutionary change that is breathing essential new life into our film industry and WhiteScreen Promotions are proud to stand with them.

By providing a cost effective way to ensure your film is seen where it should be and at a local cinema that is convenient to your fans, Our Screen takes the pain out of delivering the cinema release YOUR film deserves. WhiteScreen Promotions can develop a PR approach that fits perfectly with the cinema distribution platform that Our Screen creates for you. We believe that combining uniquely focused PR with People powered Cinema you can be guaranteed that no one will bring you better results when looking for your films audience. 

Head over to Our Screen's website for more details and discover how cinema can be made to work for you.

My Feral Heart Nominated For Three BIFA Awards

The 2016 British Independent Film Award nominations were announced today and My Feral Heart has been nominated three times!!! Steven Brandon has received huge recognition with not one, but two nominations for Most Promising Newcomer AND Best Actor. Not only that but, Shana Swash has also been nominated as Best Supporting Actress for her glorious performance as Eve. My Feral Heart is in fantastic company alongside I Daniel Blake, A United Kingdom and Prevenge, to name a few. My Feral Heart is part of a new wave of trail blazing and audience grabbing cinema that refuses to compromise. Hollywood names are not necessary in order for a film to be able to enthrall an audience and the award nominating performances from Steven Brandon and Shana Swash need to be noticed. Without being preachy or demonstrating a victim mentality, My Feral Heart delivers a message at a time where Downs Syndrome needs greater understanding from all walks of life.

WhiteScreen is honoured to be involved with My Feral Heart as this clearly shows that the spotlight HAS been turned up on the real talent.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


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