Press Release - Is Anyone Listening: A Podcast Story - To Be Featured At A Major Panel During Sci Fi London

We are proud to announce that both Is Anyone Listening- A Podcast Story and its writer and creator will feature at a significant panel during Sci Fi London later this month. Appearing alongside Barsi will be industry luminaries from Big Finish (Jason Haigh-Ellery) Audible Originals (Rebecca Fenton) as well as Richard Kurti (Lead Writer BBC Radio 4) and experienced Audio producer Andrew Mark Sewell. We are delighted that Sci Fi London have recognised both the talent of Barsi and the sheer originality she has developed with her Podcast, Dimension...

Client Announcement: Is Anyone Listening: A Podcast Story

WhiteScreen Promotions are proud to announce that the strikingly iconic short doc Is Anyone Listening- A Podcast Story will be debuted at this years Sci Fi London film festival next month. The documentary is the story of how Christina Barsi brought the podcast (audio drama) Dimension to vivid life. Dimension is a trail blazing drama that fuses Sci Fi with the film noir of classic crime thrillers and a new genre is born, Sci Noir. You can discover Dimension yourself here and check out the brand new trailer for the short doc below.

"I am delighted to be working with Christina Barsi who has been a supporter of WhiteScreen since I set the company up. Her creative flair and refusal to compromise or to conform constantly inspires me. I relish the opportunity of matching her passion with some of my own" Daniel White

Christina Barsi is currently raising funds, through an IndieGoGo CrowdFunder, to personally bring over her short film to London. With Dimension representing a viable possibility for a feature film and perhaps more interestingly a tv series, the future for the Podcast writer are looking exciting. Like most dedicated Indie creatives, Barsi has invested a huge amount in her projects emotionally and financially. It is hoped that with a receptive audience at Sci Fi London the project will reach out to a new generation of Sci Noir fans and continue wowing listeners. With companies such as Big Finish and AudioGo developing huge audiences here in the UK and Worldwide, the potential market for a new kind of audio drama is as exciting as it is challenging.

"Releasing this documentary to an audience in Europe, particularly the U.K., who has been following the podcast Dimension since the start is exciting not only because I think it will be well received but because I want to show artists around the world, Hollywood included, that you can touch the ends of the earth with your ideas, your dreams & to never stop creating!" 
Christina Barsi

Barsi could never be accused of taking the easy route but her determination and tenacity matches her talent and she has deserves the recognition that has developed around her. Dimension sets itself apart from other audio dramas because it forges new paths and instructs as well as entertains. WhiteScreen Promotions will keep you up to date with developments and you can get the latest news for yourself by following @Documension or on Facebook  Sci Fi London runs from 27th April to 6th May and you can find out more at their website here

Indie Expo 2018

Indywood Studios and WhiteScreen Promotions are proud to announce the first ever UK based National Independent Film Expo, or Indie Expo as we like to call it.  Designed exclusively to support the Independent Film Industry, Indie Expo promises to represent all aspects of the film making creative disciplines and provide an environment which both celebrates and inspires all who attend. Crazy D Lane (Indywood Studios and Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead) and Daniel White (WhiteScreen Promotions) have benefited from the support and passion of a community rather than just an industry and felt it was time that they gave something back.

"I have always believed that the most original, the most exciting ideas and the greatest innovation in cinema originates from the Independent Film community. I set up WhiteScreen Promotions to support Indie FilmMakers in reaching the audience that they deserve, Indie Expo will enable us to passionately support a community that I have grown to love" Daniel White- WhiteScreen Promotions

Autumn 2018 will see the first ever Indie Expo and, with seminars and workshops already confirmed covering Special FX, Directing and DOP talents, we are going to deliver an event which will quickly become established as an annual mainstay of the Indie Film calendar. From the moment delegates step through the doors they will feel the power of a community that is dedicated to delivering excellence in film. Where better than Brighton for Indie Expo to call home? Brighton has a long and vibrant association with film making and we are excited to bring the next generation of film makers to Brighton's colourful and supportive environment. Working in association with Visit Brighton will also ensure that delegates and exhibitors alike have the highest quality of experience with support from booking a hotel to finding a restaurant.

Brighton March 2017
With a dedicated Indie Expo website in development we are planning to open Early Bird booking for exhibitors in October 2017 with Early Bird Delegate booking scheduled for January 2018. We are excited to start this journey and believe that when we all work together everyone wins! If you want to know more you can contact us at or chat with us on Twitter @IndieExpo and at our Facebook Page IndieExpo

"My absolute passion is to inspire people to never give up on their dreams, that along with my love for storytelling, bringing relatable characters to life, & pushing the boundaries of what an indie filmmaker can achieve on a limited budget. I believe strongly that there needs to be a dedicated EXPO aimed solely at the dreamers & the doers, those who want to be inspired... I want a chance to INSPIRE through a new event called INDIE EXPO... no indie filmmaker should ever feel like they're on their own... there is an incredible community out there & Indie EXPO will bring them together" Crazy D Lane- Indywood Studios

#IOTNQD Crowdfunder: The Ten Pounds Challenge

Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead is creating a real air of expectation on Twitter and Facebook and with just cause. A ten year film project that has been refined over and over through the fires of adversity is not something that you see every day. Crazy D Lane is ready to unleash the Not Quite Dead to the waiting public but we need your help and we need it now! If everyone on your time line gave just £10 we would hit our target in 24 hours. Not our £10,000 basic target either but our £50k stretch goal. This would mean we can pay all of our cast and crew, who are on deferred payment and are working at full throttle for free. We can also film all of the key gory sequences at the standard that the film deserves but so much more than this. Over the last decade Crazy D Lane hasn't just put his health and his sanity on the line he has taken out personal loans to get the film to 95% funded. This has meant that he has to take out free lance work to provide for his family and means that he is seriously limited on time to work on #IOTNQD. 

In order for this film to come out in its 10th year and so that Crazy can commit the time and energy he has to for post production we have to hit the larger £50,000 total. This will mean the difference between the film coming out quickly and it will mean that everyone  is paid for the years of hard work they have willingly put in. Look at it this way, everyone of us works hard to pay our bills and for the basics in life. For the cast and crew of #IOTNQD this has meant an investment in Crazy D Lane and the concept of the film, but exposure does not pay the bills and allow them to live. We have come up with an amazing incentive for you to go out and ask your timeline to back our film. 

The Ten Pound Challenge runs from Monday 13th - Friday 17th March and you have to be registered (by direct message) with the main Facebook or Twitter accounts to be included. For every referral you make you must ask them to quote a specific Campaign code when they choose a perk. At the end of the week the person with the most Campaign codes logged against perks will win a special INVASION OF THE NOT QUITE DEAD prize. You and a friend can join us at the Invasion wrap party on the 1st April and the after hours party at Invasion HQ. In addition to this we have one of the gas masks, used in the iconic Asylum sequences, to give to you as a memento of our film. 

So come on everyone, time to motivate your followers to be a part of the Invasion Family and bring this film to YOUR screens in 2017. ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?

terms and conditions

Only perks taken between 13th and 17th March will apply and they have to be marked with the campaign code to qualify. It is your responsibility to ensure that the code is logged in the additional information field when the perk is purchased. 

You must have registered your intention to participate in the campaign by Sunday 12th March 00:00 BST in order to take part. This has to be received via the films Twitter or Facebook pages and you will be given a specific campaign code

The winner will be notified once the campaign has finished and all decisions are final.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Invasion at Moonlight Drive- In Cinema

Remember when going to the cinema was something you looked forward to for weeks? When I look back at my childhood I can remember the films that I saw but also the excitement that would take hold as the day drew closer. I’m not sure whether it’s because I got old or because the cinema has changed but it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. To be honest, I miss walking into the cinema clutching my oversized box of popcorn and my carton of Ki-Ora. I had resigned myself to the possibility that the feeling was gone forever…. and then i discovered Moonlight Drive- In Cinema. One visit and cinema became fun again and you will keep coming back again and again. Cinema is an event once again, thank you!

Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead has always been about classic horror, no cgi, just an amazing story and real effects! #IOTNQD has been gathering fans from around the globe for 10 years and it has already achieved the sort of status that other horror films can only dream of. #IOTNQD are deeply honoured to be working closely with the wonderful people at Moonlight Drive- In Cinema and Saturday marked the debut on the big screen of the films latest trailer. You have to remember that #IOTNQD is a ten year obsessive project for Director, Crazy D Lane and his cast and crew and this moment was one of the biggest in its history. #IOTNQD was always a film that was intended for the big screen but this was to be the first opportunity for us to see what it actually looked like.

The short teaser trailer flashed onto the screen and a shiver of excitement shot down my spine. When you work in PR you don’t often get the chance to see a clients work on the big screen before it is even completed. I was not to be disappointed and #IOTNQD looked every bit as amazing as I hoped it would. This is an independent film that delivers on its promise without compromising for one second on quality, it is a very beautiful horror film. Moonlight Drive- In Cinema are trailblazers in bringing great films to an audience in an exciting and innovative way. Whatever your film of choice, when you choose Moonlight you are guaranteed a great night of entertainment! #IOTNQD are excited about the opportunity that future screenings represent.

We are able to offer an exclusive perk to anyone that donates using the phrase “Invasion Moonlight”. Donate any amount over £10 and you will receive a discount code entitling you to 50% off tickets at Moonlight Drive-In Cinema. Once again we are excited to be working closely with Moonlight Drive- In Cinema who are bringing the best in cinema entertainment every weekend around the country. Cinema used to be an experience that was work getting excited about now, thanks to the guys and gals at Moonlight, it is once again!

To support Crazy D Lane and help get Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead to the screens please go to our crowdfunding page 

You can follow Crazy D Lane on Twitter @CrazyDLane and the film website at

Check out the film’s newly released trailer and discover for yourself the film that is already making history.



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