Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Independent Film Industry has never been more exciting than at this current moment. A growing vibrant community that is learning to work together, this is how revolution starts my friends...

My experiences with the main stream film industry is such that I have come to believe not only has it lost its way it has also lost emotion, soul and any shred of consideration for others. The really rather excellent film, Swimming With Sharks, isn't so much a work of fiction but a truthful unmasking of what talented individuals have to contend with. Kevin Spacey, portraying the films "shark" and his treatment of everyone else around him is something that is happening right now. Passionate and talented rising stars are slaughtered on the alter of success so that Studio suits can rise higher and shine brighter. No one cares and if you do show a little consideration you are mown down in a barrage of verbal abuse that destroys those that could offer so much. This is not the way it should be and I, for one, have had enough. It's so deceptive as well because we are told that you cannot be successful with your first feature if you don't have an established star, someone who is a sure fire box office attention grabber. We are told that this is the way it is and we need to just accept it, work within the industry or risk not working at all. Sales Executives and Distributors wield their sword like battle hardened generals, dictating what is seen and what is buried. They know the industry you see, and they never tire of boasting about how they are only delivering what the audiences are asking for. They have the power to recast your film and insist on plot changes and scene re shoots whilst you can only bow and scrape to their every command. Enough of this and I think they are sensing a change and they fear it.

We work in the Independent Film Industry and it is seeing an unprecedented upsurge in quality and quantity of output. If your project doesn't get a distributor that's not the end of the road anymore, its more a cross road. You can distribute it yourself and with audiences increasingly moving to viewing at home via the numerous digital on demand technology, the need for a sales agent and distributor isn't as important as it once was. I passionately believe that it is time to stop playing the main stream game and making films by their rules. It is time to change the rules and wrench the control back from those that have long lost their belief and surrendered to the call of the almighty dollar. Whilst there is no reason at all to stop approaching distributors it should not be at any price. Would you really want a film to be released and with your name attached to it when it has had its guts ripped out? By realising that sometimes the price a distributor is asking is too high and having the belief and strength to say no is the way that we send a message out to those that fear loss of power. It wasn't yours to lose in the first place.

Your film, your project, YOUR RULES!

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