Wednesday, 27 July 2016

This is my love letter to the Independent Film Industry, it's my first anniversary and I have become even more passionate than normal...

A year ago,today, I started running WhiteScreen Promotions and began to support the Independent Film Industry. It was the beginning of a journey that was going to allow me to discover the level of talent and creativity that I had enjoyed for many, many years. For me, running a company that is dedicated to supporting so many hard working creatives is not work it is an honour. That might sound like an overstatement that only serves to promote my company and generate more income. But anyone that has known me for any length of time and had to listen to my passionate rants about film making, hearing my heart cry will know that it isn't. On a day like this you will have to allow me some emotional outpouring as I am man that has found his calling in life. I have never been really interested in the acquisition of vast quantities of money and neither have I ever cared about fame. From what I can see both of these objectives seem empty and never deliver what they promise. I set up WhiteScreen because I wanted to give something back to an industry that has already given me so much. 

It is an arduous and lonely path that Directors travel in their search for completing work that they have painfully breathed life into. This is especially true for those that work within the Independent Film Industry, as I have heard so many times over the past year. Making cinematic magic on a budget that wouldn't even buy you a solitary second of Hollywood's over priced time isn't for the faint hearted. Yet every day there are creatives who are out there doing just that and I have only started to discover them. As I mark WhiteScreen's first year it is true to say that I am even more desperately in love with these people than I was before. Chances are I will be saying the same next year as well and the year after that. 

I have met so many people who have sacrificed so much just so they can complete one film and I have had the honour to assist some of them in that journey. As I move into the companies second year my burning desire has not altered in its focus it just burns ever more intensely. So, to those wonderful and exceptionally talented people I have met already I want to give you my thanks. I share your passion and I admire your resilient and unflinching approach to film making. To those of you who I am yet to meet, know this about me, I will not stop shouting about how awesome you are and I will not rest until I see your projects reach the audience you deserve. I love you all! Now....


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