Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Our Screen is a game changer I am stating this fact right from the outset. Our Screen is going to revolutionise the way cinema is watched but also how films are distributed to audiences...

It's catchy tag line of People Powered Cinema delivers exactly what it promises. The brand new company is only just out of the starting blocks and already Independent Film Makers are utilising the digital platform to launch their films to a bigger and wider audience. It is not without its challenges but with an ever increasing number of cinemas to choose from I have no doubt that Our Screen will be the new way to watch films together.

Our Screen is such a new concept I felt that it may be helpful to explain how it all works.

I've found an Our Screen event I want to attend what do I do?

That's easy, all you do is click on the box for the screening you want to attend. Pay for the ticket or tickets you need and enjoy the film! Just bear in mind that in order for this screener to go ahead the minimum number of tickets need to be sold by the date it specifies. If this number isn't reached by the date set then the screening will not happen. It is highly recommended that you tell all your friends about the screener you want to attend and you keep an eye on the ticket sales to ensure you aren't disappointed. (see example below) If a screener doesn't happen you will get your money back, think of it as something like crowd funding. If it reaches target it happens, failure to hit target and its not occurring. Its also important to note that green doesn't mean sold out it just means the screener is now scheduled and will happen.

Green is confirmed and red signifies more tickets needed to be presold to confirm the screening will go ahead
Why do I need to prebook?

The cinema need to know that enough people are interested before they show the film. Most people don't plan weeks in advance to go the cinema and so the concept of pre-booking tickets is going to feel very unusual. However if they don't know you are planning on turning up they wont show the film.

There's not a screening for a film I want near me can I set one up?

For a film lover it couldn't be easier, simply choose a film from Our Screens ever expanding list, select the nearest cinema to you and then choose the date that best suits you. If your local cinema isn't on the list you can contact Our Screen and they will attempt to add it. Our Screen also invite you to request films that are not on their list and they will do everything they can to get hold of a copy for you. Bear in mind that until your film is confirmed other people with other films can compete for the same screening date. You will be told if this is happening and its then down to who goes green first!

What do I do next?

Enough people will have to prebook so that your screener can happen (this will turn your booking from red to green) This is normally half the cinema and it will tell you. A really big cinema with 70 seats will not show your film with only 10 prebooked. You will need to get all your friends involved.

People will still be able to book tickets for your screening once its gone green.

I am a film-maker and have a film that I want to show

Our Screen is a wonderful platform to use for film makers that want to show their work to the general public but are unable to secure a general release. It allows you to secure as many screens as you desire without having to pay the full amount in advance. Using Our Screen also means that you don't have to spend a huge amount of time negotiating terms with each and every individual cinema you are screening at. If you film is BBFC certified get in touch with Our Screen to discuss how to screen your film. (see the OurScreen website for more details here)

If you are looking for a film to watch on Our Screen then please check out She Has A Name

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