Sunday, 26 February 2017

Saturday 4th March at 10pm Crazy D Lane launches a crowd funding campaign that will see the final funding stage of a project that has taken 10 years to realise. There is a beautiful synergy in completing a film that started its funding journey with you, its backers. Now he is back and he is crazier than ever before. You have it in your power to bring Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead to the screens and this is a film that WILL hurt you. We are live from Invasion HQ on Saturday at 10pm to launch the crowd funder and you can join us. Your support has brought this film to 90% completion now lets bring it home. Crazy D Lane invites you to take part in the crowd funding event of the decade. Throughout the day we will be streaming live from the Unit as we watch the films that have inspired Crazy D Lane to keep pushing forward and ensured he never gave up on his dream #UpTheCrazy #IOTNQD

We will be live and interactive on the Invasion Facebook page from 10am and taking questions all day so please don't be shy. This is your opportunity to ask Crazy D Lane anything you like. 

"A couple of years ago I had a mental breakdown, partly film related, partly personal, but 100% me related. I was broken to the point of just not being strong enough to fight my inner demons & there was a lot of eyes on my film project, over 2000 people had backed the film over a 4 year period of when I was doing my epic no sleep fundraisers on twitter. this was now a film I couldn’t finish & what made it worse, I could NEVER quit it, I had shot over 60% and I couldn’t see any way of completing it, at the level of quality I had been pushing for & that dread & guilt of my absolute obsessiveness made me suffer from high anxiety & panic attacks, this was essentially a 1 man film project, a home made movie on the grandest scale, I felt I had let everyone down connected to the film, my family for supporting, & the truth is, the project became very much a joke online, making it difficult for anyone to show any support publicly, something I loved deeply was now destroying me. I was stubborn and obsessed about making something that was way too ambitious for a stay at home dad & with a new family the project began effecting my home life, a time when I should of been enjoying it, but instead I was stuck in a place of absolute inner hell, and that certainly took it’s toll on my mental health, for months I couldn’t see a way out. Then it hit me, I would attempt to finish the film without asking for any more help, I couldn’t dare ask for help after spending years failing at something, I felt as though I had to prove myself again, finish the film myself financially (some how) being a stay at home dad 3 days a week & working days & nights doing freelance, it meant I had to take out loans/credit cards to attempt to finish shooting & in Dec 2016 we came very close, after 5 months of filming weekends & certain days & nights, (including half we had to RE-SHOOT) we got to about 95% of the film shot, but we fell short. I figured I’d take out loans & get the film as close to finished as possible, then I’d be in a much stronger place to rise above my fear & anxiety of going back out publicly, to say here we are, almost done, please continue your support & help me finish what is now a 10 year passion project, so the reason I’m crowd funding is because i feel as though I have now proven that I am someone who would never quit his dreams, but some how find a way to make them come true, this particular project is very unique in every aspect & I hope people will walk proudly along side me as I cross the finish line, it has now evolved into something much more than just making a movie, it has evolved into a reason for living & I now I'm BACK, I want to make everyone be proud they supported a little indie film called 'INVASION OF THE NOT QUITE DEAD'  Crazy D Lane

More details will be released on Saturday including a sneak preview of the perks on offer. This will be the last opportunity you will have to support a unique horror film that will redefine a tired and over used genre. Are they zombies? Are they dead? Not Quite!

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