Friday, 10 March 2017

Remember when going to the cinema was something you looked forward to for weeks? When I look back at my childhood I can remember the films that I saw but also the excitement that would take hold as the day drew closer. I’m not sure whether it’s because I got old or because the cinema has changed but it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. To be honest, I miss walking into the cinema clutching my oversized box of popcorn and my carton of Ki-Ora. I had resigned myself to the possibility that the feeling was gone forever…. and then i discovered Moonlight Drive- In Cinema. One visit and cinema became fun again and you will keep coming back again and again. Cinema is an event once again, thank you!

Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead has always been about classic horror, no cgi, just an amazing story and real effects! #IOTNQD has been gathering fans from around the globe for 10 years and it has already achieved the sort of status that other horror films can only dream of. #IOTNQD are deeply honoured to be working closely with the wonderful people at Moonlight Drive- In Cinema and Saturday marked the debut on the big screen of the films latest trailer. You have to remember that #IOTNQD is a ten year obsessive project for Director, Crazy D Lane and his cast and crew and this moment was one of the biggest in its history. #IOTNQD was always a film that was intended for the big screen but this was to be the first opportunity for us to see what it actually looked like.

The short teaser trailer flashed onto the screen and a shiver of excitement shot down my spine. When you work in PR you don’t often get the chance to see a clients work on the big screen before it is even completed. I was not to be disappointed and #IOTNQD looked every bit as amazing as I hoped it would. This is an independent film that delivers on its promise without compromising for one second on quality, it is a very beautiful horror film. Moonlight Drive- In Cinema are trailblazers in bringing great films to an audience in an exciting and innovative way. Whatever your film of choice, when you choose Moonlight you are guaranteed a great night of entertainment! #IOTNQD are excited about the opportunity that future screenings represent.

We are able to offer an exclusive perk to anyone that donates using the phrase “Invasion Moonlight”. Donate any amount over £10 and you will receive a discount code entitling you to 50% off tickets at Moonlight Drive-In Cinema. Once again we are excited to be working closely with Moonlight Drive- In Cinema who are bringing the best in cinema entertainment every weekend around the country. Cinema used to be an experience that was work getting excited about now, thanks to the guys and gals at Moonlight, it is once again!

To support Crazy D Lane and help get Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead to the screens please go to our crowdfunding page 

You can follow Crazy D Lane on Twitter @CrazyDLane and the film website at

Check out the film’s newly released trailer and discover for yourself the film that is already making history.

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