Saturday, 15 September 2018

Over the last few years I have had the honour of working within the British Film Industry and I have noticed something that separates it from the bigger and brasher main stream of Hollywood. Whilst it is true that our Industry has its share of self seeking and  ego centric people, those that only promote their own projects. The Independent Film Industry is thriving because people work together and the sense of family, of community is a binding and powerful factor. It is this striking aspect that is what separates us from Hollywood and its money focused obsession but also it's habit of developing people into  jobs worths. Well oiled the machine may be but it lacks the heart and soul of our industry and it lacks its individuality. Whilst Hollywood is intent on squashing the individual flair out of its victims, Independent Film celebrates and encourages creative brilliance. The set of Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead is a wonderful example of what can be achieved when people put aside their job descriptions and work with their heart and passion. It is this community attitude that engenders a family spirit as people work beyond what is expected of them. There is no limit to what can be achieved if people work for the good of community and not themselves.

To truly embody the spirit of community it is important to support and promote projects just because they exist. When individuals (across all film disciplines) seek only to self promote the community is damaged as it fights against the pull inwards. When someones timeline is full of them and no one else, when the only films they seem aware of are ones that feature them in the credits it damages our industry. It destroys community spirit and makes us no different than the plastic fakery of Hollywood. We have to be different! Besides from a marketing point of view your opinion of your own project carries less gravitas than the promotion of a community that burns with a passion to celebrate success. If I may be blunt, we should all health check our social media  regularly and if we find only ME then start promoting others more than you. It is, after all, SOCIAL media not ANTOSOCIAL media! People see through those who seek to boost their followers by following and then quickly unfollowing. This is fools gold and breaks our  community!

Supporting Independent Film means more than running network groups, it involves you committing your heart and soul and actually living and breathing within community.  Working without a safety net can cause all of us to fall into depression to become ill for our art. We are vulnerable and we need to seek our fellow creatives to support us. What if you have sort only your own company? What if when you need your community you find you left it long ago? Work within community, for community and stop feathering your own nests. Stop only promoting your own efforts and start celebrating others success. Because you break our community and throw sand into the gears that you need well oiled and serviced. Cliques exist everywhere and the film industry has a tendency to pretend it is very exclusive. Populated by creatives who need to belong and to contribute, this is both our strength and our Kryptonite. Be aware that the more you shun the wider community and turn to your close knit inner circle, the greater the risk of alienation and isolation. We are all members of an exclusive group- it's called humanity. LETS LIVE COMMUNITY TOGETHER! 


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