WhiteScreen Promotions was born out of my desire to see excellent film making recognised by a wider audience. If you have had any contact with other PR agencies, there seems to be a lack of targeting when it comes to strategic marketing of a project. Its not that they don't work effectively but I think a more passionate and hands on approach is necessary when supporting Independent Films. Understanding the limits of budgets and personnel is essential but above all a burning, passionate belief is really something that is attractive. More than this, having the skills and ability to communicate this driving passion is what will define the difference between success and failure in a promotional campaign. What is the point of having a tremendous project and securing distribution if it is not seen? So many films fail at this stage and I have seen great projects sink without a trace because they did not connect with the right audience.

Daniel Daniel White: I have over 25 years of Sales and Marketing experience as well as Strategic Planning and a background within the Financial Sector. Having honed strong customer and brand development expertise, I bring this wealth of knowledge to the company. Passionately enthusiastic about Independent Films but aware of the challenges, I want to see great films seen by as wide an audience as possible. Having developed personal links with key Festival organisers, I believe that a higher profile for projects is essential to success. The combination of award winning Sales experience and an unbelievable drive to achieve will ensure that your project receives the attention it deserves. Having worked with well known Media sites, I have assisted in developing profiles for key film projects and achieved festival recognition for a radio play. Passionate about all genres of film, especially widely knowledgeable with horror films, I believe that the future of the Film Industry is with Independents and relish the opportunity to be part of a revolution.


A montage of images used in the social media campaign designed by WhiteScreen Promotions to launch the BIFA nominated indie film My Feral Heart into UK Cinemas


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