I have worked with many creative individuals who are exceptionally talented yet find marketing their projects in a viable manner to be difficult. The larger productions houses have teams of people who work on each projects image and branding before we even see the first trailer. As is so often the case, Independent Film Makers have neither the staff or the time to focus on this essential area yet it can make the difference between a film being a success or a disaster. WhiteScreen Promotions will conceive a strategy which will effectively market your film and direct it at the right audience. Liaising with your distributor I will ensure that your project is marketed correctly and that clear communication is ongoing right up until release. If specific art work and marketing materials are required I will liaise with WhiteScreen's preferred Graphic Designer to ensure that your vision is delivered. Every project is different and requires a tailored approach so the strategy that offers the most effective course of action for the budget available will be determined.

  • Defined and agreed understanding of target audience
WhiteScreen will clearly define the target audience of your film. Working closely with you, a clear agreement on both genre and sub genre will be developed.

  • Brand awareness and consultation
WhiteScreeen will consult and promote your brand both as a film maker and for the specific project itself.

  • Website and online promotion
Devising a cohesive strategy that goes further and is more extensive than the social networking strategy. Involving Media site publication and promotion, utilising all aspects of the film making process. WhiteScreen will support you in presenting your film to the Media and developing your relationship as a film maker.

  • Artwork and promotional material design (At extra cost) 
In an industry where visual impact is everything, WhiteScreen will design and create bespoke artwork that will maximise the interest in your film.

As with all our services, fees will be charged on a per project basis, rather than a monthly retainer. WhiteScreen believes that you should not be charged for time that is not used.


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