One of the most effective ways to reach a wider audience is to have your film included as part of a Festivals program. The Independent Film Festival circuit provides a spectacular number of opportunities with Festivals seeing an upsurge in attendance from the general public. In addition to this, Festivals enjoy wide coverage in both local and national press and it is common place for a film to enjoy a radically improved reception when it has been screened. WhiteScreen Promotions have existing relationships with the organisers of some of the most prestigious festivals. This includes Raindance, Screamfest as well as the smaller and more localised events. If your project receives screening at a festival it can be a game changer which will ensure a wider audience and greater financial and commercial success.

  • Identification of relevant Festivals for your film
WhiteScreen will devise and create Press Packs for direct submission to the festivals that are appropriate to your film. As the submission process can be long and involved this is an essential service to offer if your project is to maximise the media and audience coverage it deserves. The list of festivals that WhiteScreen has links with is increasing all the time, so approaches will be made to the festivals that represent a best fit for your film. Personal submission that is tailored to each film, rather than the mass mail out approach is essential to success with establishing a festival relationship for clients.

  • Possibility of Director and or Writer Q and A at the Festival
WhiteScreen will always endeavour to arrange an opportunity for you to connect directly with your audience.

  • Provision of screeners and Press Releases
WhiteScreen can create Press Releases in an engaging and passionate style that truly represent the vision of your film. Not only will a Press Pack be personalised to your specific film it will also be tailored for each festival submission. 

  • Fully liaising with Festival organiser and arranging all event information
WhiteScreen will utilise it's existing relationships with festivals to ensure that the process of getting your film to the screening is easier and less time consuming for you.

As with all our services, fees will be charged on a per project basis, rather than a monthly retainer. WhiteScreen believes that you should not be charged for time that is not used.


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