It is now commonplace for films of all sizes and budgets to cultivate a social media presence but it is rare that this is utilised to its full potential. Even the big studios will opt for occasional posts of trailers and the tantalising tweet of a cast member. I have seen few examples of a cohesive strategy and believe that this is a missed opportunity. WhiteScreen Promotions will design a marketing strategy which will intrigue potential audiences and turn up the spotlight on your project. It is possible for the Indie Film market to compete with the big studios and win important audience numbers.

Cohesive and Effective online marketing 
WhiteScreen believe this needs to be more than simply dropping a trailer online or occasional behind the scenes photos. In consultation with you, we will design and create a bespoke marketing campaign which truly represents the core of your project. We will give advice on how you can run the campaign successfully and the type of interaction required to substantially increase your audience.

Clear and Defined Timescales
Depending on the nature of your project, WhiteScreen will advise and create a marketing campaign that leads directly into the release of your film. Alternatively, if you prefer a longer term,staged campaign we can create marketing which tells back story or character development to heighten audience desire to see your film.

Screeners, review and interview invitations delivered to a network of media sites 
WhiteScreen has established relationships with key media sites who will increase the exposure of your project. Press releases are not sent out to everyone and, unlike other PR companies, WhiteScreen adopts a more hands on and tailored approach. Media Sites will be handpicked and approached personally to reflect your projects individuality.

Artwork available (at extra cost) 
When original artwork is required to bring your campaign to life, WhiteScreen will work with it's own artist to create designs that are tailored to your instructions. Alternatively, if you have your own preferred Artist, WhiteScreen will work closely with them to ensure that the finished designs fit with the vision of the campaign.

As with all our services, fees will be charged on a per project basis, rather than a monthly retainer. WhiteScreen believes that you should not be charged for time that is not used.

If you want an example of what can be done, watch the video below about a UK campaign launch for the award winning Canadian film- She Has A Name


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